Thought Partnering

One of our favourite tasks is to help you think through complex communication challenges. Here are some examples of where we have recently added real value to our clients, their teams and their businesses:

Helping a senior executive think through his pitch to the board for the CEO role. Gerard was called in by a global management consulting firm to help them finalise the presentation that their client, a CEO candidate, would make as part of his pitch for his new role. Gerard talked the consulting team and the candidate through a logical process to clarify his point of view around his proposed strategy for the ASX100 company. Not for the first time, Gerard successfully helped someone obtain a C-suite role.

Helping a boutique global technology firm make a critical pitch to an Asian telco. Davina worked with the senior members of a logistics team wanting to enter into an agreement with an overseas telecommunications provider. The agreement was critical to the firm being able to build the infrastructure they needed through the telco's jurisdiction. Having not been successful in their initial conversations, the team asked for help in understanding what went wrong, so they could approach future conversations with other telcos differently, and then think through their next presentation to ensure it succeeded. The discussion was fruitful: the team realised they had focused on why they thought the telco should partner with them and not the other way around. After refocusing, future conversations were successful.

Helping the leadership team from an energy retailer articulate its strategy to a new board. Davina was asked to work with the CEO and his direct reports to help them think through the messaging for their new strategy. It was particularly important that they got it right as the new board included divergent views on critical issues. The paper was received well and led to a constructive conversation about the potential future directions of the company.

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