Skill-building Programs

We delight in seeing our clients succeed as they and their teams become increasingly effective problem solvers and communicators.

Our programs are designed to meet our client’s specific needs. We ground all our programs in the So What Strategy methodology, build practical skills participants can use immediately and co-design programs to suit your specific context and needs. Here’s a little more on each.

Grounding programs in the So What Strategy

We learned about structured problem solving and communication when working in management consulting and have refined and evolved our methodology as we have worked with people across all sectors of business, consulting, and government around the world. Using the So What Strategy, we focus on getting the thinking straight before preparing any piece of communication.

The So What Strategy provides a universal framework for thinking through the design, structuring and delivery of all types of business communication, ranging from the everyday email to much larger and more complex pieces.

Building practical skills

We focus on delivering engaging, practical programs that help participants increase the impact of their high-stakes and day-to-day business communication and problem solving – straightaway.

In our programs participants can learn how to:

  • Structure problem solving

  • Use a clear three-step process to think through any piece of business communication

  • Articulate their point of view so the core ideas come across in 30 seconds, no matter how complex the material.

  • Test whether the logic of their communication is robust and meets audience needs.

  • Collaborate with colleagues to increase clarity of high stakes communication while significantly reducing preparation time.

  • Build clear, high impact visuals for PowerPoint and Word documents.

Co-designing to meet your needs

We co-design programs that will work for you and your teams. We create powerful face-to-face, online, and blended capability building programs. Four key types of programs are described below. These can be tailored to suit your team or individual needs.

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