Skill-building Programs

“As soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken and written word.” Peter Drucker


We delight in seeing our clients succeed as they and their teams become increasingly effective problem solvers and communicators and would love to help you do likewise.

There are three things we want to tell you about our programs: they are grounded in a powerful methodology, build practical skills and are designed to suit your context and needs.

Grounded in a powerful methodology

We learned the core of our approach when working in management consulting and have refined and evolved as we have taught people across all sectors of business, consulting and government. Our methodology:

  • Focuses on getting the thinking straight before preparing any piece of communication.
  • Provides a universal framework for thinking through the communication strategy for most types of business. communication, ranging from the every day email to much larger and more complex pieces.
  • Includes, but is more than just ‘learning to write', or ‘learning to prepare a pack'. It helps professionals identify the issues at stake and provides a clear, simple, repeatable framework for addressing them in any form in person or on paper.

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Build practical skills 

We focus on delivering engaging, practical programs that help participants increase the impact of their high-stakes and day-to-day business communication. At the end of our programs participants know how to:

  • Articulate their point of view so the core ideas come across in 30 seconds, no matter how complex the material.
  • Use a clear five-step process to think through any piece of business communication.
  • Test whether the logic of their communication is robust while also meeting audience needs.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to increase clarity of high stakes communication while significantly reducing preparation time.

Co-designed to meet your needs

We are flexible and eager to design programs that will work for you and your teams. Engaging we are, ‘edutainers' we are not. We believe in helping you and your people develop skills that they can use widely in their work. Here are some recent examples:

  1. Highly effective learning programs for corporate and government teams.
  2. Powerful skill-building workshops for teams and large groups.
  3. Engaging introductory workshops for graduates and hew hires.

Let's take a look at these in greater depth so you can gain an understanding of approach.

1. Highly effective learning programs for corporate and government teams

We have offered completely online programs for teams since 2017 – well before covid. This is because we believe strongly in the power of incremental learning, where program participants learn something and get to use it straight away. They then have an opportunity to come back to ask questions and build on both that theory and experience to ensure the ideas are deeply embedded in their practice.

Most of our programs offer multiple learning pathways, with a mix of independent and group learning combined with practice.

Here is an outline of a recent program structure chosen by the Chief Data Office of an Australian bank. We have used similar formats – although with slight variations – for teams at a number of large and small Australian organisations, consulting firms and government departments. All groups have said they enjoyed the programs and we observed an exciting level of skill development. Here is what one of them said:

“This has been the most powerful learning program I have experienced and I cannot believe it has taken me 20 years to discover it. I am absolutely delighted with the results.”
Alison, Australian Insurance company

Here is an outline of the program that Alison and her team completed. We can custom design yours to suit your business objectives, schedule and budget.

2. Powerful skill-building workshops for teams and broader cohorts

We also offer traditional skill building workshops for a range of clients.  A traditional program includes a whole day workshop to introduce and practice the concepts followed by either individual or small group coaching (depending upon the client's budget) and supported by a follow-on consolidation workshop. We will also offer the opportunity for whole teams or champions (again depending upon the client's preferences) to work with us on several pieces of communication so they master the skills deeply.

3. Engaging introductory workshops for new hires and students

Our whole-day workshops are scheduled monthly and included as mandatory for new hires at one of Australia's largest banks and our our half-day workshops are included in Melbourne Business School's MBA and Masters of Business Analytics programs. We also offer programs for graduates at a number of Australia's largest companies.

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