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Paul Boasman

Paul Boasman has over 20 years' experience of using (and coaching others to use) structured problem solving and communications in a business context.

Paul draws on his extensive experience

Paul is a genuine thought partner. He works with his clients to:

  • Use structured problem solving to find the simple truths at the heart of complex problems

  • Craft their communications for maximum clarity and impact on decision making – the ‘so what’ jumps off the page

  • Set up their teams to continually build expertise in these techniques – a contagious learning environment!

Paul is experienced as a leader and coach/thought partner



Paul has diverse experience of using structured communication and problem solving effectively.  For example, Paul has:

  • Used structured problem solving as a senior telco executive to help teams tackle some of the toughest problems in the business

  • Used structured communications as a regular presenter to Boards to bring insight and clarity to the recommendations

  • Designed and led the communications training program used in a large telco to upskill the finance team

  • Coached a State Government policy unit to help them improve the clarity of recommendations to Ministers

  • Worked with a product development team to strengthen problem solving and improve robustness of recommendations

  • Coached clients as a consultant on how to improve their own effectiveness in meetings with Boards and senior executives 


Paul’s style brings the gravitas of a senior executive and skills of a coach 

Paul is passionate about helping individuals and teams to be their best
Paul is a big believer in leadership and enabling individuals to be as successful as possible. As a senior manager, he has delivered top ranking engagement scores in each role he has had. This was partly due to his commitment to hands on coaching to help his teams improve the impact of their thinking and speaking, and partly about his personable, grounded management style and self-deprecating sense of humour.

Paul’s interests and credentials

Paul brings a diverse background and a range of credentials to inform his coaching

  • Paul has had a varied career, with successful roles in big business, start-up, national government, consulting and academia. This enables him to bring a uniquely varied set of perspectives to coaching

  • Through a bachelor’s degree in physics and PhD in Chaos Theory, Paul has learned logic and an intense curiosity to help him work out how to think about even the hardest problems

  • His time at McKinsey was worth two MBAs and helped him learn how to apply problem solving and communication effectively within an organisational context