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Neil Young

Neil has produced, designed and edited information graphics since BC – before computers!

Neil users first see-er advantage

Like the peer, manager or client you show your communications, to Neil understands that you only have one chance to make a first impression to represent yourself, your company or department – and your thinking visually.
He knows how to quickly and clearly get across messages, ideas and concepts using visuals to highlight relationships more dynamically and memorably. He uses visual-editing to add-value to PowerPoint through design, layout and structure of content.

Neil has tons of experience



Neil began work as a cartoonist and chartist for Lloyds Bank London. Then for 20 years worked for McKinsey & Company as a graphic artist and visual communications consultant. He was a core member of various Firm committees and teams which, amongst other things, re-engineered McKinsey’s visual communication output and updated styles and standards to better take advantage of the latest technology.

For the last 20 years he has worked directly with both C-suite managers and admin staff for a wide variety of companies in Australia, Asia, The US and Europe helping them get across their messages using clear, concise and consistent design guidelines for maximum clarity.
Neil has run training sessions and workshops around PowerPoint skills, data-to-chart, visual communications and information design both for large groups, 1-on-1 and online for hundreds of attendees.
He has also built hundreds of PowerPoint templates and template libraries based on his own, collaboration or agency designed house-styles with fully functional customisation and libraries with hundreds of ‘solutions in search of problems’ alternatives.

Neil loves to communicate visually

Contact Neil

Neil polishes PowerPoint presentations all day every day and has done for all his working life!

Email: admin@claritythoughtpartners.com or neil2@ogcommunicationdesign.com