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Davina Stanley

Davina Stanley draws on more than 25 years’ experience when helping leaders and teams to clarify their thinking so they can communicate complex ideas. 

Davina helps experts communicate more strategically
Davina work helps experts deliver the right message to the right people in the right way regardless of the context or content. Clients work with her to:
  • Enjoy learning to change the way they communicate
  • Cut through complexity and clutter to deliver insightful communication that gets faster approvals – or whatever is needed
  • Lift productivity significantly by reshaping their communication processes.


Davina designs innovative programs for a diverse client base


For example, Davina has:

  • Helped the CEO of one of Australia’s largest companies to improve the quality of board papers delivered by him and his senior executives
  • Designed and delivered a flipped classroom program to help strengthen the communication skills of the management consulting team from a Big 4 Accounting Firm
  • Helped senior members of a global consulting firm’s wealth division gain substantially faster approvals for their recommendations
  • Designed and delivered a highly customised virtual communication coaching program for project managers at a world-leading Silicon Valley technology company
  • Founded the online Clarity First Program for individuals and small teams not able to easily access full-scale corporate learning programs.

Davina brings her enthusiasm for people and learning everywhere

Davina is an entrepreneurial leader who loves designing and delivering engaging skill-building programs. She blends her experience as an educator and in top-tier consulting environments to design and deliver innovative programs for a wide range of clients. Highly relational and genuinely curious, she builds long-lasting relationships with clients across a wide range of sectors. She laughs a lot.

Davina is highly qualified

Davina was previously a Communication Specialist at McKinsey & Company, working in the Hong Kong and Melbourne offices, where she was ranked as one of the top performers of her era.

She has a bachelor’s degree in communication management, and a diploma of teaching. She is also an expert at using and teaching the Minto Pyramid Principle Ⓡ.

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