About Us

“So What?”

It’s one of the most uncomfortable questions in business.

At the end of a 45-minute meeting business leaders regularly ask that one, single question.

They want to know why the ideas in your presentation should matter to them and to the business in one simple statement. But you want the earth to open up and swallow you whole because you don’t know how to answer their question succinctly.

We are top tier professionals who work closely with you and your team to answer that question by:

1. Using structured thinking techniques, based on the Minto Pyramid Principle®, combined with our own experience in consulting, corporate and education environments. Between us, we have helped teams within most of Australia's largest companies, top tier consulting firms and many government departments.

2. Thought partnering with you where using structure and logic to organise and convey ideas will improve not just the clarity of communication, but also the productivity of your individuals and teams. Here are some examples of the sorts of changes we help facilitate:

    • Speeding up decision making: It makes us smile when we see project teams that were previously spending 15 hours preparing for their weekly SteerCo meetings map out their messaging in two hours or less. Our smiles widen when we see the SteerCo meetings shorten from 2-3 hours (with no decision) to just 15 minutes (and a decision).
    • Reducing weekend work for leaders: Business leaders tell us they spend too much time reworking communication before it can travel upward in their organisation so decisions can be made. Much of this work is done at nights and on weekends.
    • Helping leaders craft serious strategy papers that are also ‘page turners': It is just magic to hear clients relay stories of team members telling them that their 15-page leadership team paper on something like a new supply chain strategy can become a ‘page turner'.

3.  Putting ourselves in your shoes and designing practical, effective and engaging programs that change the way you think and the way you work. We understand that papers and packs are a means to an end, not the end in themselves.

Read on to learn more about our team.



Davina Stanley, Managing Director

Davina Stanley draws on more than 25 years’ experience when helping leaders and teams to clarify their thinking so they can communicate complex ideas. Her work helps experts deliver the right message to the right people in the right way regardless of the context or content. Learn more…


Gerard Castles, Director

Gerard Castles is Australia's most experienced ‘storyliner'. Many Australian business leaders thank Gerard for his ability to blend humour and challenge when helping them untangle complex issues. Gerard is McKinsey trained and co-founder of Clarity Thought Partners. He is based in Hobart. Learn more…


Josh Dowse

Josh Dowse has been helping experts develop and present their ideas for 25 years, bringing clarity to both complex issues and operational processes. Trained in law, publishing and at McKinsey & Company, he is now a highly regarded consultant, facilitator, editor and writer. Learn more…


Louise Geoghegan

Louise Geoghegan brings a passion for communication and education with deep change management experience. Louise was our client leading a complex Clarity program at one of Australia's largest law firms before joining us. Louise is based in Sydney. Learn more…


Natalie Hoy

Natalie Hoy began work as a journalist with Choice Magazine before joining McKinsey & Company as a communication specialist. Natalie has now worked independently for many years as a highly regarded writer, coach and trainer specialising in helping clients communicate complex material to non-specialist audiences. Natalie is based in Sydney. Learn More…


Angela Scaffidi

Angela Scaffidi is an award winning communicator and highly sought after facilitator, trainer, coach and media expert. Angela is McKinsey trained and heads up Australia’s SenateSHJ team while also being part of Clarity Thought Partners. She is based in Melbourne. Learn more…

Email: angela@claritythoughtpartners.com

Jo Wigley

Jo Wigley's extensive business experience combined with her focus on clarity underpins her ability to deliver rich insights and offer spot-on support to her clients. Jo began her career in marketing and has since led large teams before branching out as a highly respected coach. Learn more…

Email: jo@claritythoughtpartners.com

Neil Young, Information Designer

Neil began work as a cartoonist in London, then spent 16 years with McKinsey where he played a large part in shaping their worldwide visual communication goals. Neil is now based in rural NSW and specialises in visual editing and adding value to business presentations and reports.

Email: neil@claritythoughtpartners.com