We help you build the skills needed to confidently deliver high impact communication with senior leaders, peers, your teams and external audiences. Click here to learn about our methodology or read on for examples of recent coaching engagements:

Regular Comms Clinics

Several top-tier management consulting firms have asked us to set up ‘clinics' where we offer appointments on a specified day to help individuals and teams think through substantial pieces of  communication, or brush up on their skills more generally. We lock away a series of appointments in a day and invite consultants to book a slot. We then work with them to distil the ideas they need to communicate to their client and develop a communication strategy for engaging that client, while also providing them with concrete skills they can use in the future.

Executive support

We are asked to support executives who want to have greater impact with their communication. They may not be getting the cut through they need with senior management, their teams or their customers. These engagements typically involve four to six sessions where we work either side-by-side or online to build skills while also helping the client progress individual pieces of high-stakes communication. We vary our approach for each engagement, sometimes substantially, according to the style and specific needs of each executive.

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