About Us

We are top tier professionals who partner with you and your teams to deliver clear and compelling communication. We are passionate about communication and have worked extensively in the field in Australia and around the world. We: 

1. Use structured thinking techniques, based on the Minto Pyramid Principle®, enhanced by our own experience in consulting, corporate and education environments. Between us, we have helped teams implement the So What Strategy within large companies, top tier consulting firms, government departments and not for profit organisations.   We are global in our reach – we have served clients in New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the US. 

2. Partner with you to create clarity out of complexity. We use structure and logic to help clients organise and convey ideas, improve not just the clarity of communication, but also the productivity and impact of your individuals and teams. 

3. Put ourselves in your shoes, co-designing practical, effective and engaging programs that change the way you think and the way you work. We understand what it takes to work productively with business executives.

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